Ilka Beimel

   Dr. Ilka H. Beimel is a law clerk in Germany. Her main
   areas of research are international arbitration and
   international sales law. She wrote her Ph.D. thesis on
   international arbitration at the University of Basel,
   where she was a research and teaching assistant for
   Prof. Schwenzer and Prof. Schroeter.

  She conducted research as a visiting scholar at
  Columbia Law School, New York, and assisted Prof.
  Bermann. Additionally, as research assistant and intern,
  Beimel worked with several renowned international law
  firms in the field of dispute resolution and international
  sales law. She also interned for the ICC Court of
  International Arbitration in Paris and acted as Tribunal
  Secretary under the LCIA Rules.

Beimel studied law at the University of Freiburg (Germany). Representing the University of Freiburg twice, once as team member and once as coach, Beimel won several awards and honourable mentions in the Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot.