CISG Advisory Council Opinion No *


To be cited as: CISG-AC Opinion No. 8, Calculation of Damages under CISG Articles 75 and 76. Rapporteur: Professor John Y. Gotanda, Villanova University School of Law, Villanova, Pennsylvania, USA. Adopted by the CISG-AC following its 12th meeting in Tokyo, Japan, on 15 November 2008.

Reproduction of this opinion is authorized.

Eric Bergsten -- Chair

Joachim Bonell, Michael Bridge, Alejandro Garro, Roy Goode, John Gotanda, Han Shiyuan, Sergei Lebedev, Pilar Perales Viscasillas, Jan Ramberg,  Ingeborg Schwenzer, Hiroo Sono, Claude Witz -- Members

Sieg Eiselen -- Secretary*


Article ** CISG

sporting the goods. 

1.1 Articles 75 and 76 set forth ways to calculate damages when a contract has been avoided.






93. See id., art. 75 ¶ 11.