Schedule of Work

The rapporteurs appointed by the CISG Advisory Council are currently busy with the investigation and drafting of opinions on the following matters:

List of meetings

2001   1st Paris France
2002   2nd London England
.           3rd Gothenburg Sweden
2003   4th Rome Italy
.           5th Brussels Belgium
2004   6th London England
.           7th Madrid Spain
2005   8th Badenweiler, Germany
.           9th Philadelphia USA
2006 10th Stockholm Sweden
2007 11th Wuhan China
2008 12th Tokyo Japan
2009 13th Logroño Spain
2010 14th Belgrade Serbia
2011 15th São Paulo Brazil
2012 16th Wellington New Zealand
2013 17th Philadelphia USA
.         18th Beijing China

2014 19th Pretoria South Africa
2015 20th Basel Switzerland
.         21st Bogotá Colombia
2016 22nd Rome Italy
2017 23rd Singapore
2018 24th Antigua Guatemala
.         25th Aalborg Denmark
2019 26th Asuncion, Paraguay
2020 27th Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2020 28th Virtual Meeting (Nov)
2021 29th Virtual Meeting (Jan)
.        30th Virtual Meeting (Mar)
.        31st  Virtual Meeting (May)
.        32nd Virtual Meeting (Jun)
.        33rd  Virtual Meeting (Jul)
.        34th  Virtual Meeting (Nov)

2022 35th  Virtual Meeting Feb)
.        36th  Virtual Meeting(Apr)
.        37th  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
.        38th  Virtual Meeting (Oct)
2023 39th  Virtual Meeting (Jan)
.        40th  Virtual Meeting (Feb)
.        41st   Virtual Meeting (Apr)
.        42nd  Virtual Meeting (Jul)
.        43rd  Virtual meeting (Sep)
.        44th   Virtual meeting (Oct)
.        45th  Virtual meeting (Oct)
.        46th  Virtual meeting (Nov)
.        47th  Kopaonik, Serbia (Dec)
2024 48th Virtual meeting (Feb)
.        49th Virtual meeting (Apr)
.        50th Virtual meeting (May)


2024 Virtual Meetings

2024 Pavia, Italy  (October)

2025 Virtual Meetings

2025 Lisbon, Portugal (September)